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The most important items you need when moving out on your own

Moving away from the comfort of mom and dad is in many ways a life changing step, but also an inevitable step. Maybe you are movi...

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Connect with nature on a mountainbike

A lot of us deal with busy schedules filled with work, social events and other daily obligations. This is nice, because it keeps u...

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How to find a good rental apartment in Denmark

When you need a new place to live, you need to decide, whether you want to buy or rent a property. There are of course some pros a...

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A beginners guide to hiking

Many people take up hiking as a form of exercise and as a hobby. Hiking is suitable for everyone, and mostly it’s just a matter of...

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The exterior looks of your house is very important

Many people don’t know this, but the value of one’s house can depend highly on the visual impression one gets when looking at it. ...

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Lindsay Lohan Is Starting A Lifestyle Site, And She Wants You To Pay For It

Lindsay Lohan is going from “Mean Girl” to Goop girl. The actress announced she’s launching a lifestyle site on Tuesday via Instag...

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Lindsay Lohan takes a page out of GOOP's book and launches her own lifestyle site

Lindsay Lohan wants to help you live your best life, but only if you're willing to shill out a few bucks. The actress is launching...

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