A beginners guide to hiking

Many people take up hiking as a form of exercise and as a hobby. Hiking is suitable for everyone, and mostly it’s just a matter of getting started. Here you can find some handy tips about hiking for beginners, which will help you, if you are considering taking up this outdoor activity.

Plan your hike
Planning is key, if you want to have a successful hike – especially if you do a longer trip where you plan to camp out during the night. It is generally a good idea to plan your route from home, but you should also be prepared to change your plans with short notice if something changes.

Beginners should always opt for shorter routes to be on the safe side. You would probably rather have some extra time in the camp if the alternative is having to give up the hike, because you can’t reach the camp.

Give yourself an easy start
You can easily overestimate your own abilities, if you are not used to hiking. This might lead to a negative experience, which can easily hurt your enthusiasm.

It is important to remember the big difference between just walking and hiking. For example, it is important to remember that the terrain is often a lot more challenging while hiking, which will make the distance more challenging.

In relation to hiking, it is also important to keep in mind that the weather can be a second challenge. You can ever predict the weather with complete accuracy and bad weather might be a surprise. Practiced hikers probably won’t be discouraged by the weather, but it can easily put a damper on the fervor of a beginner.

Remember – it is a good idea to do smaller day trips in the beginning to get used to hiking.

Get the right gear
Technically anyone can go hiking as they are, but the right gear will help improve your experience and help you go on longer hikes. The right gear will especially make a big difference, once you start going on longer hikes.

Hiking boots
A pair of good hiking boots will be your best friend during a hike, so don’t be cheap when you’re picking out your boots. They will last for many years and bring you lots of joy.

Be sure to pick a pair of boots with a good sole. The boots should also be waterproof and have a good fit around the foot. It is important not to pick a tight boot, as your foot might swell a bit once it get hot. The tightness of the boot can be a bit of a challenge, as it should also not be too loose.

You should always be prepared for the worst kinds of weather, so make sure to get a high-quality jacket that can keep you warm. It is ideal if the jacket is not too heavy, as you might be wearing it for a long hike.

Modern hiking jackets are very comfortable and allow your skin to breath freely while still keeping you warm – you can see it here.

Camping kit
Choosing a camping kit can be difficult, and it is very much a question of personal taste. Some campers prefer keeping the camping experience very simple, which means that they bring few supplies. Others can’t live without certain “luxuries” and chose to bring them along.

It is important to always remember that you must carry your own camping gear. It might be a good idea to prioritize to avoid bringing unnecessary gear along.

The backpack is essential, since you will be using it to carry the things that you choose to bring along. It is always a good idea to travel light, and a good backpack will help by making the load seem lighter. You will most likely be carrying the backpack for many hours, so it is important to choose a good backpack.

Picking a good backpack for hiking is relatively simple. You need to look at the straps on the backpack, and check that they are easily adjusted. The backpack should fit snugly against you back without being too tight. It is also an advantage, if the backpack has an adjustable strap across the chest as this will help it fit even better.

Lastly – your backpack should be waterproof. You never know what kind of weather you might experience. Luckily it is easy to find quality backpacks online on pages like Eventyrsport (Sweden).

Test your gear before the hike
It is always a good idea to give your gear a test run before going on a hike. Put on your gear and take it for a walk. Be sure to check that nothing feels uncomfortable.