The most important items you need when moving out on your own

Moving away from the comfort of mom and dad is in many ways a life changing step, but also an inevitable step. Maybe you are moving to another part of the country to study at university or maybe your merly moving to another neighbourhood - either way there are certain must have items you need, when settelinging down on your own.

First you all you of course need some furniture. Perhaps you can bring your bed and a table from your old teenage room, but the rest you will need to buy. The size of your new flat determines how many and which type of furniture you need. A sofa, a dinner table and chairs are necessities along with kitchen applies such as cutlery, pots, pans and cleaning articles. To keep your new home spotless and clean, your new best friend will most likely be a vacuum cleaner - unless you hire a cleaning lady or your mom stops by twice a week. The best vacuum cleaners are the ones that are light weight, does not take up too much space and have a great suction capacity.

We recommend spending a fair amount of money on a vacuum cleaner, if you remember to empty out the dust bag every now and then, your vacuum cleaner will be with you for years and years. In general there are a lot of expenses when moving into your own place. Luckily there are a number of discount furniture stores, where you can buy budget friendly things for your new flat. Take a half day off from work or school and go on an IKEA trip - the Swedish furniture giant has almost everything you need. Make a list in advance of all the major things you want such as a table, a closet or a bed. When that is taken care of, you need to stack up on accessories and things that can make your new place seem cosy and charming. Buy towels in your favorite colour, soft sheets for your bed, a trendy rug, lots of plants and candle lights. A perfect way to make your flat look personal and match your style and identity is by printing out pictures of all your favorite people, putting them in beautiful frames and use them as decoration in your living room.

Remember interior style is determined by individual taste, the most important thing is that you love your new place and everything in it.