Two reasons why Denmark is the young entrepreneurial capital of Europe

According to the danish financial news outlet Finans.dk, 41 european tech companies have since 2013 created a company valuation of more than one billion dollars. Within this context you will find incredibly five danish organizations - five organizations from a country ranking 25th in european countries by population. This requires amazing talent and the notion of fostering entrepreneurial skills.

Young and ambitious
If you visit https://www.bt.dk/erhverv/ti-unge-danskere-er-paa-eksklusiv-forbes-liste you will even find a list of ten Danes who are to be found on Forbes’ european list of list 30 under 30 - an exclusive list of the 300 people within ten different organizational areas who are under the age of 30 and doing something very impressive with their careers. Amongst these you will find Mads A. He is the co-founder of Blue Energy A/S - a climate friendly organization, taking point of departure in sustainable energy at a low cost for its customers. Thus you might ask yourself: what is different in Denmark when it comes to young entrepreneurship?

Reason number one: they get the change start out early
In Denmark, an increasing number of people, even as far as under the age of 20, are becoming entrepreneurs. Thus, many start out their own business and career during college and university. It is possible because you can start your own company paying less than a dollar. If you yourself work for free, this means that you have a lowered risk not having to fund a project financially but only with the work you put into it. Furthermore, the Danish school system is very much focused on the entrepreneurial mindset; being able to think on your own, and create your own solutions. Especially the focus is on working in teams fostering enormous creativity. Furthermore, a lot of the school work is done with the help of computers, increasing one’s knowledge and becoming increasingly tech-savvy.

Reason number two: they have the support needed to succeed
As people start their entrepreneurial endeavours during school, it is relevant to receive some sort of support. In Denmark the government and taxpayers fund your school as well as a monthly allowance, received by going to school when you are above the age of 18. For many this means that they are financially supported doing their company’s early start up phase. Furthermore, you will in Denmark find organizations such as Innovations Fonden. This is a fund created to support young entrepreneurs, creating an environment from which it becomes possible to create innovative solutions for the future.

From Denmark you have always had innovative solutions. It is as if it is in their blood. For example think of Maersk, one of the biggest companies in the world shipping goods. Think of LEGO who revolutionized the way children play and have done for decades. Think of Novo Nordisk delivering life saving medicine all over the world. Carlsberg, developing the way in which we consume beer in today’s world. A lot of creative ideas stem from Denmark, and will continue to do so.