Get great designs by Ganni

If you are on the very many persons, who love to buy new clothing, this article is just for you. There is a Danish clothing brand, which produces beautiful international designs, and it goes by the name of Ganni. The brand has existed since the year 2000 and today, it has become a great brand. The “Brand of the year 2014” is one of the awards the brand at Danish Elle Style Awards. In 2018 it took “The Powerprice of the year” at the same event. The Powerprice goes to brands, which has been very distinctive during the year.

One thing is to hear about this great brand. Another is to see the designs yourself. If you want to buy Ganni online, you can go to STOY, which is an online shop for men’s and woman’s clothing. The designs you will find comes from many of Ganni’s newest elegant collections. The purpose of the brand is to give each clothing a unique expression, which matches you.

Ganni’s style is creates by mix
Ganni has a wide collection, where you can find all from feminine evening dresses to casual sporty knitting clothes. Every season you will find that Ganni’s improves the designs with new fancy fashion styles.

Ganni tries to create a design, which is a mix between a minimalistic style and the bohemian look. The fashion style is known for its unique feminine designs, which is spiced by stripes, prints, flowers and bright colors.

In addition, the materials is carefully chosen in Ganni’s designs. Here you will find dresses in soft lyocell, blouses in cotton. Elastane is another material, you will find in Ganni’s designs. This makes the clothing more comfortable, because it can stretch a bit. Check out STOY to find your next Ganni outfit.

Four collections every year
In order to please the customers, Ganni releases four collections every year. Here you will find a never-out-of-stock collection, a collection of lingerie, a collection of shoes and a collection of accessories. The four collections combined makes is possible for you to fill your entire wardrobe with only Ganni styles.

If you do so, you will have a colorful wardrobe of minimalistic Scandinavian styles and clothing with beautiful feminine prints. The same clothing in your wardrobe could even be used for different purposes. Ganni’s makes lovely designs, which you can wear in different ways. In that way, you can use the styles in your personal way.

Ganni’s cares for the environment
Ganni has incorporated a CSR strategy, which ensures that the clothing is produces in respect for the environment. They focus on sustainability and wishes to take this focus into their everyday goal.

When you buy a Ganni design, you will therefore get a clothing which is produced without many chemicals, and which has been made with focus on a minimum CO2 release. They want each one of their styles to represent their CSR strategy.

To produce the clothing, they use production partners, who share the believe of a more green environment. In 2018, Ganni got a certificate called “Climate Certificate 2018”. This should inform you, that the company is serious about their green initiatives. If you want to support a greener environment, you should consider buying Ganni styles next time.

When you buy fashion from Ganni, you will get unique styles that can match your personal style. In addition, you will get bright colors, beautiful prints and materials specially chosen for each part. There not used many chemicals when producing the cloth and all clothing are produced in way that supports the environmental as much as possible.